Lisa Hallquist B.C.R.P.A.
Certified Pilates Instructor and Personal Trainer

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That's Pilates (pronounced Puh-LAH-teez), a series of progressive exercises designed to increase circulation, flexibility and strength. The classes focus on building a strong "powerhouse"--the band of muscles around your midsection--because its proponents believe that every movement should originate from the body's center. The regimen also involves intense stretching, precise breathing and concentrated attention on keeping the body aligned, the movements coordinated and the mind focused.
As there are many forms of Yoga, there are many applications of Pilates. Lisa expands on Joseph Pilates' original principle by creating variations and modifications suitable for the general population as well as the fitness enthusiast, and the seasoned athlete.

In today's society, stress and inactivity has become a way of life. Personal training is the perfect answer!   Lisa can provide tools for managing these sometimes neglected areas of health, while working closely with your healthcare professional to make sure you program is safe and effective for you.   Designing the program around your goals and objectives, and time frame - at home, gym, clinic or outdoors.   Proper exercise technique and personal attention provide a safe and progressive program to bring you to optimum health and fitness. Flexibility, cardiovascular conditioning and strength training will help you create lifestyle changes that will last for a lifetime.

Professional Service Award

Summerland celebrated its citizens at the 69th Annual Business and Community Excellence Awards & Gala.
The Summerland Chamber of Economic Development and Tourism held their 69th Annual Business and Community Excellence Awards & Gala at the Summerland Senior’s Village on Saturday, February 3rd, 2007 with over 200 people in attendance.
A different method was used to determine the winners in each category by inviting the public to vote recognizing and honoring businesses, organizations and individuals who made extraordinary contributions to their community.
Presenting the award is Tony Baena (left), vice-president of operations for Retirement Concepts (Sponsor of the Professional Service Award catagory) to Lisa Hallquist (right) (AB: solution).


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